Wellness is the New Luxury

As one of America's Healthiest Clubs, you will have everything you need to lead a fit, healthy lifestyle - just minutes away. We take an integrated, multifaceted approach when it comes to wellness. All of our practitioners – which include certified, experienced fitness and spa professionals – work as a team to help you reach your goals. Whether your goal is to achieve a high level of fitness, excel in your sport, improve your balance and mobility, find greater comfort in your movements, or find healing in spirit, mind and body, our team will facilitate you on your wellness journey!

We are following local, state, and federal guidelines to keep you safe! The requirements for reopening consist of the following:

  • Limit capacity to 50%
  • Keep sanitizing thoroughly and offer sanitizer to patrons
  • Require social distancing of 6 feet in between workouts
  • Prohibit indoor aerobics classes


Hours of Operation

November - April

Monday - Saturday 6am - 8pm

Sunday 6am-7pm


May - October

Monday - Saturday 6am - 7pm

Sunday 6am - 5pm


We See Wellness as a Way of Life!

From meditation, wellness coaching, personal training, classes and workshops to skin care, nail care, massage and nutrition, our team is here to help facilitate you on your wellness journey. We have a complete fitness center with equipment for cardio, strength, functional training and flexibility, studio space for classes and workshops, and healing rooms for massage, skin and nail care.



The Vineyards Country Club is in the process of becoming a Blue Zone. The Blue Zone Project is an initiative to create Blue Zone communities across the nation. This project is based on the work and research of Dan Buettner, author of The Blue Zones of Happiness. Buettner discovered, through his research on communities where people live longer, that there are 9 commonalities among these “zones”. The people in these communities move throughout the day, have a sense of purpose each day, take time daily to destress, eat less food and consume a primarily plant-based diet, drink moderate amounts of red wine, belong to a faith based community (any denomination), put family first, and exist in a social circle that supports healthy behaviors. The Vineyards Country Club is well on its way to being one of these communities where people live longer, healthier lives!


America’s Healthiest Club Award

The Vineyards Country Club has been recognized as one of America’s Healthiest Clubs. We received this recognition because of the programs, activities, menu and food selections offered at our Club. Prevo Health Solutions, the Premier Wellness Expert in the Club Industry, awards Clubs that are proactive in providing opportunities and an environment which encourages Club Staff and Members to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Questions??  Ask Our Wellness Director, Laura Lorusso

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