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Moai Walks and other Happenings in our Area: Blue Zones Project

Community walking groups are an amazing way to get more exercise and build unique friendships. We had our first Moai walk at Vineyards Country Club last year and we got positive feedback from it.


Moai® (pronounced “Mo Eye”) Walking Groups are groups of 5-8 people that meet at least once a week to walk throughout the community. The small size of the groups allows the members to focus on building strong friendships—and those social connections are as vital to well-being as the exercise!

The word “moai” comes from Okinawa, Japan and means “meeting for a common purpose.” In Okinawa, neighbors use moais as support systems to help those in need.

Based on this tradition, Moai Walking Groups provide social interaction and support that are just as important to a person’s overall well-being as the benefits of walking.

Blue Zones Project SWFL has a Facebook Page where they list all of the events happening in our area that you can attend!